Xbox Players Can’t Access Game Pass from Dashboard and Game Pass Page – A Temporary Workaround

No Hardware Update Planned for Xbox Series XS

Xbox is a power-packed console that offers super-fast performance and striking visuals. Undoubtedly, the multiplayer experience on Xbox is secure and smooth, it is pretty easy to party up and communicate with online friends. Besides, services like Xbox Game Pass remain unmatched in terms of affordability and accessibility.

With Game Pass, Xbox players can access over 300 games for a monthly pass and play various latest titles such as Rainbow Six Extraction, Dirt 5, and many others.

But, players are complaining that they are not able to access the Game Pass through the dashboard or the Game Pass page. While accessing, they are running into an error message “we can’t show Game Pass right now”.

Players have already tried some basic troubleshooting solutions like restarting their consoles and logging again into their Microsoft account but nothing helps.

Thankfully, the Xbox Support team has acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page where players are not able to access Game Pass from the dashboard and game pass page.

In addition, they have also shared a potential workaround. They said players can access the Game Pass through other sources such as the My Games and Apps, the Store, and by using the Search option.

In addition to this issue, currently Xbox Status is also indicating the Store and Subscriptions have an outage issue and developers are going to solve it very soon.

Hopefully, Microsoft will soon find out the main cause of this issue and will solve the dashboard and the Game Pass page on Xbox.

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