Xbox One users experience Black Screen issues following New Insider Console update

Xbox One users experience Black Screen issues following New Insider Console update

Xbox Insider is nothing special but the term Microsoft has given to its program lets players test bits of functionality that are not yet ready or you can say, which are not yet released officially for the players. If you are one of the Microsoft insiders, you can enjoy new functions and updates before its launch officially for other players.

However, recently Microsoft has released a new Insider console update but many players are experiencing ‘Black Screen’ issues after that.

At the present, a few workarounds have been revealed by the users and by Microsoft itself, but it seems that the issue itself has been quite widespread.

Essentially, this ‘Black Screen’ issue occurs when you apply a software version that seems to be faulty. If you don’t have the Insider Program, then nothing to worry about. Because this new update is not yet released officially for other users.

In case, you are within the insider program and if you’re getting this issue, the following is the best and easy solution revealed by Microsoft itself through their technical support service. Check out the simple steps:

1. Press and hold down the Bind + Eject button for at least 15 seconds

2. You will hear some two power-on tones after a few seconds

3. Then, release the button when you hear such tones

4. Then select ‘Troubleshoot’ from the menu and then ‘Reset this Xbox but keep games and apps’

5. Now, the Xbox will end installing any new latest version of the public system software

6. And lastly, you will be asked to log in to your account again once the system is updated

This is not the first time such issues occurred after the updates. Earlier, Sony had released an update for PS4 that also caused some problems and also, the same thing happened with Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3. However, that was withdrawn a few hours later by Nintendo itself.

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