Valorant: How to Get or Claim Alpha Threat Card (2022)

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Valorant is one of the widely played FPS hero shooter games developed and published by Riot Games. In Valorant, player cards are cosmetic images that appear as a background image on their accounts. Recently, the developers have introduced another player card, the Alpha Threat which is inspired by comic books. It is a limited-edition player card in Valorant. Valorant is offering a fantastic gift and it is an Omega Earth-based player card. Players can claim it for a limited time. However, many players have no idea how to get or claim the Alpha Threat card in Valorant and so have prepared a quick and easy guide.

How to Claim Alpha Threat Card in Valorant

Riot Games have various premium in-game items and players can easily purchase them at a certain price. Thankfully, developers release add-on items to reward players. A new card is the Alpha Threat and here is how you can claim it.

To claim the Alpha Threat card in Valorant, you need to launch the game from the Riot Client and wait for some time. Once the game loads up, you will receive a player card notice, validating that the card has been claimed. Also, it is important to note that, the Alpha Threat card is for a limited period so if the card doesn’t show when you start playing the game, assume the offer has expired.

However, you can still have an option to get it, and you can apply it after clicking on it. In case you have missed the option, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. While staying on the Valorant home screen, click on the “Collection” option, which will open a new sub-menu.

2. After opening the Collection menu, find the Player Card option on the left side and click on it. This will display all player cards that are available in the game. To keep things simple, the player can click the “Show Owned Only” option to filter the cards available to players.

3. Find the “Alpha Threat” player card and scroll through this menu. Once the players find it, click the Equip Card button to finalize the selection.

That’s how you can claim an Alpha Threat card in Valorant.

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