Valorant Deathmatch Spawn Issues After 4.03 Update

Valorant Deathmatch Spawn Issues After 4.03 Update

Valorant is indeed Riot’s best game by far. The gameplay of Valorant is focusing on 5v5 team battles. The developer team releases new updates frequently. And its new update is 4.03 which is released recently.

Typically, new updates are meant to fix certain glitches, errors, and issues but it seems after a new 4.03 update, players are having certain new issues. According to multiple reports, the behavior of spawning has become weird. In Deathmatch mode, the bug causes characters to respawn in front of the enemy and this is a serious issue.

Players are annoyed with the changes in the spawn system and so they are complaining on Twitter and Reddit. This issue occurs mainly in Deathmatch mode and causes bizarre situations such as spawning in front of an enemy and dying instantly. And when this happens and if you are unfortunate, then your character will be respawned to another enemy.

Thankfully, Epic Games is already aware of this issue and the devs have reduced the player’s numbers per game from 14 to 12 as they are saying this is the temporary solution. However, they are already investing in the situation. Since this problem also occurs in 3 to 4 players matches, players are having doubts whether it is good for the game or not.

Additionally, some other players are wished to keep the matches of 14 players, and the new spawn system as they think, improves the pace of battles.

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