Valorant Cypher Missing Exploit – Acknowledged by Devs

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Valorant is a very popular 5v5 character-based tactical first-person shooter game mingled with some innovations. But like other giant games, this game also has several issues, bugs, and error codes such as VAN 1067, Packet Loss, and much more.

Recently, players have noticed that Cypher is not available on their characters’ screen and they have no idea why does that happen. This issue occurs especially to those players who use Cypher as their main character in the matches. Seemingly, some players are taking advantage of an exploit using Cypher’s abilities.

On the whole, the Cypher exploit triggered crashing due to exploitation that brought players back to the main menu. Some other players are saying the Cypher is removed from the database purposely. 

Thankfully, Epic Games is aware of this serious problem and they have disabled Cypher until they can fix an exploit. 

As you can see in their official tweet, they have disabled Cypher from everywhere until they fix this issue. So, hopefully, it will be resolved very soon.

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