Valorant Biased or Unfair Matchmaking Issue – Devs Yet to Acknowledge

Valorant Deathmatch Spawn Issues After 4.03 Update

Valorant is one of the popular FPS games by Riot Games that have managed to attract millions of players from all over the world. Players enjoy its fast-paced and action-packed combat system.

Although, the game runs quite well without any issues many unlucky players have been complaining about several issues and bugs with the game such as deathmatch spawn issues after 4.03 update or some error codes like VAN 1067 error.

Adding to these issues, now many players are complaining about biased or unfair matchmaking. Due to some algorithm glitches, they notice the game pairs high-rank players with low-rank players and vice versa. And this issue ruins the overall fun of the game.

Players are wondering why can’t similar ranks be matched with their rank bracket such as the diamond player with diamond 1-3? This is a pretty frustrating issue and players are not comfortable to enjoy the matches.

Unfortunately, developers have not yet said anything officially on this issue but since many players are reporting on the same issue worldwide, they will surely find out the solution in the upcoming patch or update.

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