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Temporary Fix League of Legends Mac Users Unable to Login After Riot Client Update

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the fun and challenging multiplayer online battle arena session-based video games where rival teams compete against one another to win on extremely stylized battlefields. LOL periodically releases updates and patches that include new content, improvements, and fixes.

The recent update is Riot Client but it brought several issues and bugs with it. Specifically, many Mac users are complaining, that they are not able to log in to the game after the recent Riot Client update.

If you have no idea about the Riot Client, it is a portal through which LoL players can access the game easily but after this bug appeared, Mac users are unable to access the game which is quite frustrating.

According to multiple reports, LoL players on Mac are seeing a “trying to reconnect” screen and they can’t do anything beyond this message.

Seemingly, Riot Games have made a major mistake in the latest Riot Client update particularly for Mac devices as they have included executable files from the Windows version.

A Temporary Fix: Thankfully, Riot Games has already acknowledged the issue and suggested performing a complete re-installation of the game and then, you will be able to login to the game.

Although devs are already investigating the issue, it will take some time to release a patch to fix the issue. Meanwhile, you can try the above temporary solution to fix the issue where Mac users are not able to log in after the Riot client update in League of Legends.

That’s all you can do to temporarily fix League of Legends’ unable to log in after the Riot client update for Mac users.

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