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Rainbow Six Siege: Audio Cuts and Crashes on Xbox – Ubisoft Acknowledges

Rainbow Six Siege Audio Cuts and Crashes on Xbox – Ubisoft Acknowledges

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the highly-played online tactical shooter video games by Ubisoft. But, the game has countless issues such as crashing, won’t launch at startup, and many more. One of the older unsolved issues players are experiencing in the game is audio cuts and crashes.

According to many reports by players, when this issue occurs, they can run around and keep gadgets and stuff but the game freezes for approx. 20 seconds and so they need to force to reset the game. And if they don’t intervene, the game crashes. Players have no idea what to do as they are not getting any error message as well when such glitch happens so it is quite difficult to fix such issue.

Players have already tried several workarounds that include re-installing the game and transferring the game between HDD but nothing works. One of the players has also tried to switch consoles but found, the issue occurs on both.

Fortunately, Ubisoft has already acknowledged an online bug impacting Rainbow Six Siege. They said they are working on the same. So, the best option is to just wait for some more days until the developers release the next update/patch.

Hopefully, they will release the next update including a fix very soon.

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