Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Reviving Bug – A Potential Workaround

Rainbow Six Extraction Reviving Bug

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest co-op tactical first-person shooter game. Like all online action games, staying healthy is very difficult in this game as well since this game is full of poisonous gas clouds and dangerous explosions. And so, healing and reviving your character is very important which you will be doing frequently throughout the game. If the health of your character goes to 0, then you will lose your character and so reviving is vital.

However, recently players are reporting a reviving bug in which their characters fall down despite they are not shot or damaged at all. Players have no idea what to do in this scenario.

However, one of the players has shared one potential workaround which you can try to fix reviving bug in Rainbow Six Extraction.

– A player has said, when you have this issue, just hold down the revive button for some more seconds. Because if you will let it off after the indicator filled and disappeared, then your character would go down again due to lack of health.

Well, since this is the most recent issue, the developers have not yet acknowledged this reviving bug in Rainbow Six Extraction. There are many players are reporting on the same issue so hopefully, it might be patched in the next updates.

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