Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working or Registering – Issue Acknowledged & Potential Workaround

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Pokemon Go is one of the most played AR – Augmented Reality games where players enjoy playing new events. Although devs keep on improving their game, various bugs and issues are always longer around such as players getting a random party of a team or making a new friend not working issue, and more.

Many of these issues have not yet been resolved and now players are experiencing a new issue where Snapshot in Pokemon Go is not working at all or registering correctly.

Snapshot is one of the vital parts of the gameplay as it allows players to place any of their Pokemon in their surroundings using AR (Augmented Reality) mode. But according to multiple reports, Snapshot is not working or registering correctly, which is quite annoying.

Many players are frustrated and say this bug prevents them from completing various research tasks, including the “Anniversary event research”.

Thankfully, the Niantic Support team has acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page.

As you can see, they have also provided one temporary solution until they release a hotfix. Developers have suggested taking the Snapshot of the Pokemon from your Pokemon Storage and then checking if the Time Research tasks progress or not.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned workaround will fix the problem temporarily. 

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