Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Feature Turns Off Automatically – Niantic Acknowledged

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Pokemon Go is incredible and an immersive open-world adventure game in an augmented reality (AR) world. However, like other online games, Pokemon Go is also not immune to bugs, glitches, and errors. Since its release, players have been complaining about various issues with the game such as unable to authenticate issues or home error code 10015, and more.

Adding to these issues, many players are now reporting that the Adventure Sync feature turned off automatically. If you are not aware of this feature, it is an optional mode that allows you to track steps and earn exciting rewards without even opening the app.

If this feature is turned off, all of your progress will be lost once you exit the game. Moreover, this issue occurs without any prior warning and so players are frustrated as the game is not saving their progress due to this bug.

Thankfully, the Niantic Support team is aware of this issue and said they are working on the matter. Also, they have confirmed that the Pokemon Go 0.241 update brought this problem.

In the meantime, they suggest players make sure to enable Adventure Sync in their account.   

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