Overwatch 2 Beta Players Face Weird Bald Hero Glitch

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is the latest hero shooter video game and sequel to the popular Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. This new series offers several new gameplay changes, new maps, and a new hero.

But like other gaming titles, this game also has several bugs and issues such as beta not showing for many players after Twitch drop, crashes, black screen, and much more.

Adding to these issues, players are now encountering a new weird issue where their hero goes “bald”. This is a quite bizarre yet funny new bug where the hero goes completely bald and looks weird.

One of the players jee659 shared an image of Sojourn where she goes bald. But this bug is not happened only to Sojourn, but other heroes also go bald except Lucio and Baptiste.

That’s not enough and some other heroes such as Brigitte and Torbjorn have no head whatsoever.

Players have no idea why is this happening. It is still unknown if this bug occurs to some other players as well. 

Whatever but it is one of the hilarious yet serious issues where players’ heroes go bad and that looks weird.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged this issue.

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