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Remember this is a general guide for META builds among the current top players on leaderboard or pre-alpha players. You do not need to mirror each build, but these trainings should give you an advantage over other build types. Feel free to mix it up! You may notice some enemy loadouts may not have certain strong points, and it may be best to build your own training page on the fly to capitalize on their weaknesses.

Training Page and Terminology

  • HASTE: Move Speed increase
  • CREATIONS: Anything that a character creates (Juno slimes, atlas expanse, etc.)
  • STAGGER: Basically your health bar. Once it is filled/broken, you take increased knockback
  • LIGHT HIT: Only slows targets on hit, does not knockback unless target is staggered
  • MEDIUM HIT: Knocks back the target
  • HEAVY HIT: Knocks back the target and applies a short slow after the hit.

How to preset Trainings

Click your name or role type text to show your preferred striker/role/trainings.

From here you can:

  • Select the striker you want to be auto selected to (if possible, else it will random)
  • Select the role you wish to be auto filled into
  • Select the default trainings you will spawn in with per character

It is best to make a goalie and forward training loadout, even if they end up using the same trainings.


Asher is both an incredible goalie and forward, she is almost impossible to be scored on unless you shoot around her. Good use of her dash is critical in saving goals (Keep in mind you can strike to redirect your shield, and you can also strike during the dash!). Her ult can also be used not only to score but to kill people by knocking them over and over again, much like an era swarm.
Meta Goalie: Built DifferentPrime TimeCrossover

If you do not feel like you can die in net, you can take Stacks on Stacks over Crossover
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentPrime TimeStacks on Stacks

Asher can also work incredibly well as a scoring forward, if she gets the ball near the enemy net it is almost impossible to defend with the dash + arc beam combo into the net due to her passive shield. Alternatively you can throw your ultimate at the enemy goalie and ruin his day.
Meta Forward: Built DifferentUnstoppableCrossover

Prime time is incredibly potent once you hit lvl 10, you can easily knock people out with arc beam into arc beam, and it is also incredible as scoring
Alt: Built DifferentPrime TimeCrossover

If you are okay with having less speed as a forward, you can try running Creator of Durable Things to make the passive shield last much longer
Alt: Build Different, (Unstoppable or Prime Time), Creator of Durable Things

If you want to fully tech into the shield, you can run
Alt: UnstoppableCreator of Large ThingsCreator of Durable Things


Atlas is primarily played as a goalie. Keep in mind your ultimate is mainly used to resurrect allies, so try to cast it right before they die. Your expanse also has quite the cast time, so its best to cast it sooner rather than later
Meta Goalie: Built DifferentCrossoverCreator of Durable Things

If you find that you need to resurrect more often, you can run this alternative rune page. This can be good against highly kill focused comps.
Alternative Goalie: Built DifferentCrossoverExtra Special

If you find you are being pressured a lot as goalie (for example against an X) you can run Stagger Swagger
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentStagger Swagger, +1

If you are playing against forward that will never be able to kill you, and you feel comfortable being slower early, you can run stacks on stacks for extra power in the mid-late game
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentStacks on StacksCreator of Durable Things


Drek’ar is generally played as a kill focused forward, there is only 1 generally accepted page. When you are learning Drek’ar, focus on hitting the sweet spot of your shotgun to facilitate killing people. Focus on fighting for orbs to gain experience and hit your LVL 10 power spike with prime time.
Meta Forward: Prime TimeHeavy HandedCast To Last

Goalie is very very infrequently played, but if you want to have some fun with it you can run this:
Goalie: Eject ButtonPrime TimeCast to Last


Dubu is generally played as a goalie. Keep in mind that slam actually STUNS the core, so people can’t actually hit the ball for about a half second after the slam hits so it is very good against people trying to stuff into the goal. Dubu trainings are currently very flexible, find the +1 training that works for you
Meta Goalie: Built DifferentCreator of Large ThingsPerfect Form

Missile Propulsion gives you more kill power and longer abilities, allowing you to contest for more space outside your goal
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentCreator of Large ThingsMissile Propulsion

Stacks on Stacks is run by many high level players when you feel you are not at risk of dying
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentCreator of Large ThingsStacks on Stacks

Although Dubu is typically incredibly hard to kill in net, if you find you need a bit more survivability, taking Stagger Swagger over Creator of Large things will give you a slight bit of knockback resistance at 5 orbs. (good against X)
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentStagger SwaggerMissile Propulsion

If you feel like you need the extra speed, you can take Crossover
Alt Goalie: Built DifferentCreator Of Large ThingsCrossover

If you want to play Dubu Forward, you can take this rune page
Forward: Built DifferentCreator of Large Things, +1 (Generally Crossover, but have fun)


Era is played as a supportive forward, generally paired with a brawler like X, Drek’ar, and Juliette. Era swarm is nice to be used for both securing orbs and for pressure on the enemy goalie to score. Shrink ray is generally used to shrink/slow enemies or buff your brawler. Keep in mind shrink ray can be used to score in a pinch. There is a short time near the end of swarm where the ability is actually fully charged, but it hasn’t automatically been sent yet where you can manually send it out.

This rune page is the generally accepted rune page, but I personally prefer the alt page for faster cooldowns over the Super Surge buff on the speed boost.
Meta Forward: CrossoverCast to LastSuper Surge
Alt Forward: CrossoverCast to LastPerfect Form

Prime time can be decent if you want to play more for the late game
Alt: CrossoverSuper SurgePrime Time
Alt: Prime TimeCast to LastCrossover

Stacks on Stacks can be used if you do not feel like you will die against the enemy forwards
Alt: CrossoverCast to LastStacks on Stacks


Estelle is generally played as a forward. Basically anything in the orange page is good, so Estelle trainings are generally personal preference. If you take Prime Time, you should focus on hitting level 10 by contesting orbs. The ultimate is a great scoring tool.

This Page makes your teleport much faster, with much more range, and much more lethal. Get comfortable using it as a kill tool either raw or combined with your snipe. It is also great at scoring. If you are pairing Estelle with a brawler, instead try to look towards one of the alt prime time pages to facilitate your brawler
Meta Forward: UltrascopeSuper SurgeRapid Fire

Taking Stinger/Primetime works very well if you want to focus on stacking damage for a brawler forward, with this build you should focus on the enemy forwards so your teammate can finish them off. (Ultimate stacks Stinger very well and is basically undodgeable, try to hit them both)
Alt: StingerRapid FirePrimetime
Alt: Rapid FireUltrascopePrimetime
Alt: Super SurgeRapid Fire, +1
Alt: You can honestly pick anything in Orange and Red trees and it will work. You can also consider Super Surge and Crossover in green tree

Estelle goalie can also work, but it takes precise use of Estelles snipe and teleport to keep the ball away from the net. Keep in mind you can strike very quickly after a teleport, so you can teleport on top of the ball and instantly strike to redirect the ball.
Meta Goalie: Missile PropulsionRapid FirePrime Time


Juliette has very flexible trainings so pick what you feel most comfortable with. The main juliette combo is dash + punch while you are dashing so they get hit by both. This makes it very very easy to kill people near the edge of the map. You can also use the flurry after the dash punch to guarantee the kill, or use flurry into dash punch if you are confident that will kill.

The meta training page focuses on killing. Well Fed currently has great synergy with tempo swing, and it really helps with survivability in this brawler oriented meta
Meta Forward: Perfect FormTempo SwingWell Fed

If you are not going against anything that can kill you, you can go for Built Different or Heavy Handed as the last training for kills
Alt: Perfect FormTempo Swing, (Built Different or Heavy Handed)

If you want to focus on speed and scoring, and there is not much kill pressure from the enemy team this page can work
Alt: CrossoverStacks on StacksUnstoppable

Another alternative is if you like the base training page but feel slow, you can run crossover to make it easier to maintain ball control and score
Alt: CrossoverTempo SwingPerfect Form

Note: My preferred choice is CrossoverStacks on StacksUnstoppable, with the forward playstyle being a core hogger/controller and use abilities to either secure a score with ultimate/dash+punch or to kill enemies on the edge of the border


Juno is generally played as a forward, with a focus on scoring / controlling the ball. Her slime throw can be surprisingly good at getting KOs against staggered targets though.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you press your strike, you can control where your slimes will hit the ball. Also keep in mind your jump makes you invulnerable, and you can strike during the jump. The ultimate also spawns a slime for each target in the ultimate, including the core.
Meta Forward: Rapid FireCreator of Durable ThingsCrossover

If you prefer having your ultimate up faster rather than more movespeed, you can take this page
Alt: Rapid FireCreator of Durable ThingsExtra Special
Alt: Rapid FireCreator of Durable Things, +1 (Perfect Form, etc.)

If you want to cover more angles with slime throw, you can run Missile Propulsion over Rapid Fire. This puts much more
Alt: Missile PropulsionCreator of Durable Things, +1


Kai is generally played as a goalie, but he can work as a great scoring forward against the weaker ranged goalies. Goalie Kai requires good use of his barrage to stop the ball, it is an incredible anti-stuff tool. Don’t try to aim it at the core, instead try to aim it to the left of the core, and have the remaining projectiles of the barrage stop the ball.

With the new buffs to trainings, cast to last + super surge makes you incredibly fast, and the buff lasts for long enough that the cooldown is almost up by the time the speed boost is over.
META Goalie: Super SurgeCast to LastRapid Fire
Alt: Rapid FireStacks on StacksBuilt Different
Alt: Crossover, (Missile Propulsion or Rapid Fire), Built Different (ORStacks on StacksEject ButtonUltrascopePerfect FormRapid FireSuper Surge)

Kai forward is incredibly flexible. Example training page if you don’t feel like you can die to enemy forwards.
Forward: Super SurgeCast to LastRapid Fire
Alt: Crossover, +2 (go crazy)

Note: Top Kai player, MegaverseTTV, recommends for Kai (any position):
Crossover and Rapid Fire, with your choice of:

  • Stacks on Stacks if no risk of death
  • Well Fed if they are scary damage
  • Cast to Last if you are for fun


Luna can be played as both a forward and a goalie. She is highly kill focused but she can also score incredibly well with well placed juggernauts (the dash). Keep in mind you can strike during the dash allowing you to redirect the ball. You can even do things like hitting the goalie with juggernaut while hitting the ball elsewhere into the goal
META Goalie: Heavy HandedUltrascopeEject Button

For Luna forward, eject button is not as necessary, many people like running stacks on stacks if they feel like they can’t die against the enemy forward.
Forward: Heavy Handed and Ultrascope, with your choice of:

  • Eject Button
  • Stacks on Stacks if no risk of death, OR good evasion skills
  • Primetime for late game


X is mainly a kill focused forward. He is quite simple to play and recommended for newer players if you like his playstyle.

For X forward, legitimately any red trainings will work but this can be a basic one to get you started.
Current Patch you should almost always run Cast to Last for the increased ultimate duration
Meta Forward: Cast to LastHeavy HandedTempo Swing
Alt: Cast to Last, +2
Alt: Any 3 Red Trainings
Alt:(Crossover, or Built Different, or Perfect Form) + 2 Red Trainings

Guide by squako

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