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New World: Lazarus Mutation Broken After New Update – Issue Acknowledges

New World Lazarus Mutation Broken After New Update – Issue Acknowledges

New World is an enormously popular role-playing game by Amazon Games released on 28th September 2021. Developers have been releasing new updates regularly to fix previous bugs and issues. But sometimes, new updates create new issues such as Baetylus Headpiece quest unable to progress.

That’s not enough, players are now reporting a new issue. According to multiple reports, Lazarus mutation is broken after the new update. Players say whenever they do a Lazarus run, the game starts creating issues when they try to solve the first puzzle in the dungeon with the pressure plates don’t work or the glyphs are not lighting up.

Many players say, because of this bug, they have wasted or lost their orbs and so they are not able to progress in the quest.

Thankfully, Amazon Games has recently acknowledged this major issue and they have informed, they are investigating the issue. But, they’ve not shared the expected time of the solution.

Since they have acknowledged this issue officially, we will have its hotfix very soon.

Meanwhile, don’t miss to check out our website for the regular updates and troubleshooting guides.

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