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New World Desyncing and Lagging in PvP After the New Update

New World Desyncing and Lagging in PvP After the New Update

New World is a pretty good MMORPG and worth playing for the exploration and beautiful landscape. But like other massive titles, this game also brings several bugs and glitches frequently. Amazon Game Studios, the developer of this game releases updates regularly that bring new issues every time.

The devs have released a new update recently and players are experiencing desyncing and lagging issues in PvP after this recent update. And because of this problem, the game is unplayable completely.

According to reports, players are attempting to enjoy OPR since its gypsum update but it is very difficult. The PvP works very clunkily and awkwardly. Also, they are not able to swap weapons consistently. This serious issue results:

– Missing hitboxes (phantom shots/hits)

– Noticeable delay between actions and command

– Characters are uncontrollable

– Weapon swapping is very slow

Players have noticed these issues have been started occurring especially after update 1.1 in New World. These issues seem widespread as many players are experiencing and reporting around the world.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged these issues so we only have to wait for the new update/patch to fix all of these glitches.

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