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New World Chat Function Doesn’t Work After Outpost Rush – Issue Acknowledged By Developers

New World – Chat Function Doesn’t Work After Outpost Rush – Issue Acknowledged By Developers1

Today, in most online games, especially with competitive multiplayer games, in-game chat is one of the most incredible features. And in New World, this feature is a very important mechanic. However, this game has a lot of errors and bugs such as desyncing and lagging in PvP or several connection-related issues.

In the recent reports, players around the world are experiencing a chat function is not working properly after playing Outpost Rush which is a 20 vs 20 battle.

According to multiple reports, players are complaining, they are not able to send any message to anyone due to this bug which is really annoying where you can’t chat with other teammates especially in multiplayer games and co-op is a vital part in such massive titles.

It seems, this is not the new bug affecting players from chatting. The same issue occurred in November 2021 as well.

It has been several weeks but still, the devs have not yet solved it. Thankfully, as you can see in the below screenshot, they have acknowledged it finally and said, they are actively working to fix it. 

However, they have not shared the estimated time when this issue will get resolved. But, hopefully, they will release a patch in the coming days fixing this issue so players can enjoy their game like before.

Meanwhile, you can try to disable and enable the function via in-game settings. If you are lucky, the chat function may start working again. If that doesn’t work, then wait for some more days until the devs release a new update/patch. Also learn, how to fix New World wont’s start and crashing to desktop.

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