MultiVersus: The ULTIMATE Class Guide



Directional Movesets/Spacing
There are 3 kinds of descriptions for characters (at the moment),

  • Vertical, characters that have moves better geared for combat for being above or under their opponent,
  • Horizontal, characters that moves better geared for combat on a horizontal platform with their enemies.
  • Hybrid, characters that have moves that can go in many different directions.

These are only rough descriptions, I would take these with a grain of salt, it does not affect anything.

There are different factors in MultiVersus that determine knockback, a balance between gravity and the characters weight.
I have another guide on character weight(s) jump height(s) and gravity value(s), linked here;
Data Guide


Bruisers excel at strength/kill-power, getting specials that deal damage/buff damage

” Frontline combatants that might have a few tricks up their sleeves, Bruisers are usually straightforward and have a few unique areas where they stand above the rest, such as Batman with his gadgets or Jake having advanced range thanks to his stretchy limbs and shapeshifting. “

I feel like a lot of characters could be grouped into the, “Bruiser”, class as it seems the least defined.

List of Bruisers:
Shaggy (Hybrid), Jake (Hybrid), Garnet (Horizontal), Batman (Vertical), Taz (Horizontal)

Things of note:

Batman was originally listed as an assassin,
which is likely the explanation for his very-low weight, which you can see in the guide linked below;

Data Guide


Assassins excel at speed and agility, being quick damage dealing characters, however are very fragile characters.

“Damage dealers by any other name… well, then they likely wouldn’t be called an Assassin. From the sharp blades of Arya Stark to Harley Quinn’s traps and hammer, this Class is almost entirely about out-damaging your opponent. “

Out-damaging opponents, however, they take 14% more damage than the rest of the cast.
This is the only tag, that is not a definition of role, but is a direct downside, as you take this extra damage.

List of Assassins:
Harley Quinn (Vertical), Arya Stark (Hybrid), Finn (Horizontal)

Things of note:
Many people believe Finn should be a bruiser, I believe that would only make him stronger due to the +14% damage taken debuff he has as an assassin. I believe a proper fix would include changing his weight to a similar amount to the other 2 assassins, (Harley and Arya), who are currently the 2 lowest weight characters. You can see the list of weights in the guide below;

Data Guide


Mages (as of now) excel at range and zoning, using abilities to keep you in a comfortable range (subjective)

“Attacking from a distance, usually, with a host of weapons or gimmicky tools, a Mage will always provide cover fire for their teammates and distract the opponent. You will likely need to spend a lot of time learning their tricks, but Bugs Bunny and the duo of Tom and Jerry can be a nuisance in any situation.”

List of Mages:
Bugs Bunny (Hybrid), Tom and Jerry (Hybrid)

Things of note:
I hope they add more they are really cool and are seeming like the hardest to learn at the moment, but at a high level are also showing to be some of the best characters in the game, and hardest to counter at that.


Support characters excel at team sustain/status effects.
“Shielding, tethering, and providing various buffs or heals is the name of the game for characters like Steven Universe and Velma Dinkly. The level of backup might vary from character to character, but each of them is labeled as Support for a reason.”

List of Supporters:
Reindog (Horizontal), Steven Universe (Horizontal), Velma (Horizontal)

Things of note:
Most support characters are not even viable for 1v1s, a lot better for 2v2s (in my opinion)


Tanks excel at defenses and survivability, heavier characters.

“Characters that are harder to ringout, offer some support options, and can deal out damage as well as they can tank it. Those are the things that makes a Tank worthy of the namesake. Whether you are providing shields and lassoing your teammate out of harm’s way with Wonder Woman or stunning them as Superman, you can take the heat off your team while still playing an offensive role. “

List of Tanks:
Wonder Woman (Horizontal), Superman (Hybrid), Iron Giant (Hybrid)

Things of note:
Not much to say here, Wonder Woman is unlocked by completing the basic tutorial.

Guide by azey^