MultiVersus Lag or Latency Issues Acknowledged – Temporary Workaround


The big and latest game from Warner Bros, MutliVersus, has arrived and there are a lot of characters to choose from like Batman, Shaggy, Wonder Woman, Tom and Jerry, Superman, and more.

Overall, the game has received a positive response from the players but because the game is still in its early access stage, there are various issues and bugs expected such as crashes, won’t start, hangs, black screen, and more.

In addition to these issues, many players are now experiencing lag and latency issues and because of these issues, players are not able to play the matches.

Many players have also confirmed that the latency issues continue even after having a decent and stable internet connection. Some players are complaining, they see red or range bars consistently. If you are not aware, the status of the connection ideally should be green for the best performance and the least latency. It is more frustrating as the same issue occurs on both PC and consoles. 

Fortunately, developers have acknowledged the issue where players are facing MultiVersus lag or latency issues and they have officially confirmed that they are aware of it. However, they have not revealed an ETA of when the issue will be fixed.

As you can see, WB Games Support has acknowledged the matter on their official Twitter page and so they will surely find out the solution soon. Meanwhile, you can try the following temporary workaround to fix this issue.

Potential Solution – Try to lower your graphics settings. To do this:

– Go to Settings

– Click on Graphics

– Go through all the several settings and reduce them from their highest settings

So far, this is the only solution to fix MultiVersus lag or latency issues.

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