Minecraft Not Updating to v1.19 on Xbox – Temporary Fix & Realms Not Working on Switch

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If you love creativity, Minecraft is just the right game for you. This game stands out not only because it inspires players creatively but also because of its unique aesthetic. However, like any other massive game, Minecraft also has several bugs and issues such as the launcher download button not working or server error, and many others.

Recently, many players are complaining that the game is not updating on Xbox to the v1.19 version. Some other players could update the game, but nothing has changed after updating the game to v1.19 on Xbox. 

Players are annoyed as they cannot play the game with their friends. Some genetic troubleshooting steps like reinstalling or restarting the game are not helping at all.

Unfortunately, the developers of Minecraft have not yet commented on this matter but thankfully, we have some workarounds tried and tested by some users on Reddit that might help you to fix Minecraft not updating to v1.19 on the Xbox issue.

Many users have suggested simply restarting your console so the game can be updated. If that doesn’t work, the next workaround you can try is to update the game through the Store and that should fix the issue.

In addition to this issue, many Switch users are also facing another issue where players are not able to join Realms or Realms are not working at all due to some issues. While trying to join Realms, players encounter an error message that says “Failed attempting to join the Realms. Please try again later”.

We hope the devs will fix the issue as early as possible as many players around the world are facing the same issue where Minecraft is not updating on Xbox and players are not able to join Realms on Switch.

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