Minecraft Bedrock Anvil Item & Sign Names Change to Hashtags – Issue Acknowledged


Minecraft is a widely played open-world sandbox survival action game developed by Mojang Studios. The building system of Minecraft is one of the key features of the success of the game. In the world of online games, there are endless building project games but Minecraft stands out. But like other popular online titles, Minecraft also has various bugs, glitches, and errors

In the last few days, many Minecraft Bedrock Edition players are not reporting a new issue where the Bedrock anvil sign is turning into hashtags. When players try to type anything into the signs, it goes away. 

According to multiple reports, any time when players use an anvil, either combining books/tools or renaming an item when they collect it to their inventory, its name changes to only “#######”. This issue is quite frustrating and players have no idea how to fix it.

It seems the same issue was triggered last year as well and resolved immediately but now it is troubling again. Well, the Mojang support team has commented on the issue where the Bedrock anvil sign is turning into hashtags. 

As you can see, they have acknowledged the issue on their official Twitter page so hopefully, we will have its solution very soon. Unfortunately, we do not have any workarounds to fix this issue. If we come across any, we will surely update this post.

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