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Madden 22 Sugar Rush Welcome Pack Not Received or Missing – EA Team Acknowledges

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Madden 22, a popular American Football game, is a significantly better game than Madden 21. Players love its strong presentation and improving gameplay.

Sugar Rush Welcome Pack is finally revealed in Ultimate Team and currently, this event is going on in Madden 22. It is based on completing challenges and collecting eggs to progress in the game and claim rewards.

Sugar Rush Pack contains Large Eggs, Medium Eggs, Small Eggs, and finally Eggstravagant Eggs that will be hatched and opened only on Easter Sunday i.e. on 17th April.

Players have already started enjoying Part 1 of Madden 22 Sugar Rush which arrived in Ultimate Team on 8th April 2022 as it is already live.

However, many players are having issues with the Sugar Rush Welcome Pack. According to multiple reports, players have not received a pack or it is missing for them.

This is really a serious issue as many players are not able to complete the event because of this issue because 90 Chase Young are necessary to complete challenges and get eggs. 

In addition to this issue, many other players who purchased Sugar Rush packs additionally are not receiving packs in their inventory. 

Thankfully, EA Team has officially acknowledged this issue on their official forum.

As you can read, they are investigating the issue. Since they have officially acknowledged, they will release a hotfix very soon so that the Sugar Rush Welcome Pack becomes available.

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