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How to Get Minor Rune of Holding- New World

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Amazon Game’s latest survival game New World has a lot of activities to perform, and to complete those activities, players need a lot of tools, armors, and weapons. These weapons, tools, and other resources should be carried to form a settlement. For this reason, the players need a considerable inventory to carry all those things. That’s why you need a Minor Rune of Holding.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get a Minor Rune of Holding in the New World.

How to Get Minor Rune of Holding- New World

You need to complete the first faction quest and collect the faction token to get a minor rune. You can earn these faction tokens by fighting a PVP or PVE. Now to get the faction quest, head towards the nearby settlement and talk to the leader of that town. You can find them by the marks shown on your map.

Once you complete this process of speaking, you’ll see a menu tab. Now you have two options, either you choose the quest or the ‘Buy Reward’ option. You have to pay 1000 faction tokens and 250 golds for buying a minor rune; if you have enough faction tokens and golds, then go for buying it; otherwise, take part in some quests to earn enough tokens. Small quests can also make you 250 tokens. Therefore, you can earn enough fraction tokens by participating only in a few quests. But if you don’t have enough gold, then put some more effort and search for gold. Once you get enough gold and tokens, click on ‘Buy Rewards’ and purchase a minor rune. But keep in mind that crafting the bag will also need 25 leather, 10 iron ingots, and 45 coarse leather.

That’s what you need to get a Minor Rune of Holding in the New World. The process is quite complicated and takes a lot of effort, but the minor rune of holding can increase your holding capacity by more than100 time. Therefore, even if it’s quite a long process and takes a lot of effort, the outcome is worth it.

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