How to Fix Warzone False Prospector Camo Not Working Bug

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Recently Warzone has released its Season 4. The new map was introduced along with a few interesting locations. Also, players will be able to use two more new weapons and skins in the new season. 

In this new season, a new event called Fortune’s Keep was also introduced which will remain in the game for a limited period. In this new event, players are given several challenges to complete and of course, they will win some great rewards upon completing them. Cutthroat is one of the challenges in this event in which players need to eliminate 50 players and they will earn the False Prospector camo. However, players are reporting camo does not save on a loadout when they equip it. If you are also having the same issue, here is what you need to do to fix Warzone False Prospector camo not working.

Fixing Warzone False Prospector Camo Not Working Bug

In the latest Fortune event, there are a total of 8 challenges players need to complete on the new Fortune’s Keep map to earn the Legendary False Prospector camo. But unfortunately, many players are not able to use it due to a bug. Thankfully, there are two methods suggested by many players on Reddit and Twitter to avoid this False Prospector bug.

1. In the first option, equip the camo when you’ve started a match already. Then start the match, equip the camo on your weapon, and do not switch screens until the round starts.

2. If that doesn’t work, the next method is to create a custom blueprint and equip the camp there.

So far, these are the only workarounds to fix False Prospector Camo not working due to a bug in CoD Warzone.

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