How to Fix Valorant Low Client FPS Error

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Valorant’s mix of CSGO’s precise gunplay and Overwatch’s ability has proven to be a great hit among gamers around the world but this game also has several bugs and errors. Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to the game, new updates have made the game more and more unstable over time. Recently, many players are running into a low client FPS error. However, the exact reason why this error is coming is still unclear but luckily, there are certain solutions you can try to fix low client FPS error in Valorant. Let’s check them out in this guide.

Fixing Valorant Low Client FPS Error

The low client FPS error occurs in Valorant if any recording software is running in the background. Such software overlays the game and creates several issues and errors. Thankfully, we have covered all possible fixes for this issue. Go through the following solutions one by one until the Valorant “Low client FPS” error is fixed.

Turn Off Radeon Instant Replay Feature

One of the best solutions to fix low client FPS in Valorant is to turn off the Radeon instant replay feature. Let’s assume you have an AMD graphics card. So, to turn off this, go to your Radeon settings and disable the Instant Replay feature and then try to run the game. 

Disable AMD ReLive Feature

If the above solution doesn’t work, you can also disable the ReLive feature and then check if the error is fixed or not.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Next, you can try to disable Fullscreen Optimization. Here is how you can do it:

– Go to the “File Directory”

– Locate the directory where you have installed Valorant

– Search for the file “Valorant-win64-shipping.exe”

– Right-click on it and then select “Properties”

– In the “Compatibility” tab, enable the option where it is marked “Disable Fullscreen Optimization”

Check Out Other Overlays

Sometimes Radeon overlay is not the only culprit to create this issue, but it is also possible that some other programs prevent the game from running properly such as:

– Xbox Game Bar

– Discord

– XSplit

– Game DVR


If your system has any of these programs, try to disable them and check if that does make any difference.

Enable VGC Service

Many players have also tried to enable VGC service and fixed this error. Here is what you need to do:

– Open up the Start menu and type in “msconfig”

– Click on “System Configuration” and go to “Services”

– Find the “vgc service” that is not by Riot Vanguard and check if it is turned on or not. If not, turn it on

– And lastly, restart your computer

That’s all you can do to fix the Valorant low client FPS error.

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