How to Fix PS Plus Your Game Closed Due to Inactivity

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PlayStation Plus from Sony is a server that users subscribe to for their PS console. Both PS4 and PS5 users can take this service. Upon subscribing to this service, players receive a free game every single month. But unfortunately, many players often complain about technical issues with this service. Recently, many players are receiving a “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification and so many players are confused. This particular notification follows another message that says – Game closing in 30 seconds due to inactivity”. If you are also confused after receiving such notifications and have no idea what to do, check out this guide and learn how to fix PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification.

Fixing PS Plus Your Game Closed Due to Inactivity

If you are receiving “Your game closed due to inactivity” on PS Plus means any games you were streaming have been closed now. Fortunately, there are certain workarounds you can try to fix PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity” notification.

1. Load up the backup of the game: You may receive the above notification when you leave a game streaming title idle for a long time. In that case, go to the Home menu and load up the backup of the game and the issue should be fixed.

2. Keep moving your in-game character: With the help of an elastic band or some other tactics, you can make your controller constantly push on an analog stick or push a trigger. This way, you can keep moving your in-game character. So, the game will think you are still playing, and thus, you can play the game for some extra hours.

That’s all – So far, these are the only methods to fix PS Plus “Your game closed due to inactivity”.

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