How to Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

Pokemon Home is a popular game by ILCA and published by The Pokemon Company. This game is specially designed for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. However, recently many players are receiving an error code 10015 while playing Pokemon Home. This particular error occurs when players attempt to move their Pokemon to Home. However, it doesn’t happen every time but according to multiple reports, this issue triggers only when the players attempt to move in a hacked Pokemon or bad eggs. If you are also having the same issue, let’s find out what you can do to fix Pokemon Home error code 10015.

Fixing Pokemon Home Error Code 10015

Players are saying this particular issue has become worse after the recent update of Pokemon Home. Because of this issue, many players experience difficulty saving their games. So, let’s find out can you fix Pokemon Home error code 10015.

At the moment, you cannot do much to fix this error code. However, you can try the following two workarounds:

1. Try to use a profile that doesn’t have any hacked Pokemon or bad eggs. By using these profiles, you can easily move your Pokemon to Home without any issues.

2. If that doesn’t work, the next thing to try is to connect the game with Nintendo and send the support ticket. This solution only works if you don’t have any hacked Pokemon or bad eggs in your profile.

So far, these are the only things you can do to fix this issue. After doing these workarounds, if the issue persists, then wait until the developers release a new patch

That’s how you can fix Pokemon Home error code 10015.

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