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How to Fix New World Won’t Start and Crashing to Desktop

How to Fix New World Won't Start and Crashing to Desktop

New World, Amazon’s next massive game doesn’t seem like it’s forming up to debut much better as there are many players are reporting a wide range of issues on Reddit as well as other social media platforms. Players are experiencing that the game doesn’t start properly and it crashes on the launch. One of the major reasons for this problem is your Windows Defender or Antivirus, as it intervenes in the game launch. Let’s quickly learn how to fix New World won’t start and crashing to desktop.

How to Fix New World Won’t Start and Crashing to Desktop

Go through the following solutions one-by-one until the crashing issues on New World get solved.

1. Lack of administrative rights 

If you have not given the administrative rights, this problem can occur. To do this: Right-click on the game and then select ‘Run The Game as Administrator’.

2. Disable Steam Overlay

– Open up Steam on your PC

– Go to the Settings and click on the In-Game

– Next, click on the checkbox and disable ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game

– Click on Ok, once removed

3. Completely disable Anti-Virus

Anti-virus can be the main reason for this issue to happen. So, make sure to disable the Anti-virus or the Windows Defender and then launch the game again.

4. Update the graphic drivers

Outdated graphic drivers can also be the reason why the New World game is not starting and crashing on launch. So, get it updated with the latest version that includes audio drivers, OS, processors, motherboards, etc.

5. Verify game files using Steam

Check out the following steps to perform this solution:

– Log in to your account and open up the ‘Steam Library’

– Find out the ‘New World’ game and right-click on it and open ‘Properties’

– Go to the ‘Local Files’ tab

– Click on ‘Verify Integrity’ of game files

– Now, wait for a few seconds and let the process done

– Once done, restart your game again and the problem will be resolved.

That’s all for this guide on how to Fix New World Won’t Start and Crashing to Desktop. Also, check out our next post – Can You Play New World in Windows 7?

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