How to Fix Login Issue in Valorant

Fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error

Valorant is a popular shooter game and it is true that this game is Riot’s best crack at counter strike. But unfortunately, Valorant has several bugs and known issues such as voice chat not working or low client FPS error, and more. Recently, many players are complaining about social media platforms, they are running into a log-in issue while accessing the game. If you are also having the same issue and are not able to log in to Valorant, worry not! In this guide, we have certain possible solutions to fix it. Let’s find out.

Fix Login Issue in Valorant

It is quite common when you have a log-in issue in Valorant. But thankfully, there are a few solutions you can try to fix this issue. Before you start the troubleshooting guide, it is recommended to check the current server status. If the servers are down due to scheduled maintenance or outage, the issue will get resolved once they are back online.

In case the servers are working fine and you are still having a log-in issue in Valorant, try out the below solutions.

1. Firstly, check your internet connection is stable and working fine. If your internet connection is poor and not stable, you may encounter this problem.

2. The next best thing you can try is to simply restart your PC and then try to log in.

3. If the issue has not been fixed yet, one more thing you can try is to uninstall the Riot Vanguard and Valorant and then reinstall them.

If the issue persists, perform the below steps to fix the error.

– Press Win + R on your keyboard and open up the Run dialogue box and then type services.msc in the text box.

– Then find out the VGC file and right-click on it.

– Select “Properties” and change the start-up type from Manual to Automatic.

– Lastly, click on Start and then apply and click on Ok.

That’s it – We hope this guide has helped you to fix the log-in issue in Valorant.

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