How to Fix Connection Failed Error in Warzone

Fix Call of Duty Warzone “Unable to Access Live Service” Error

Warzone is an undeniably revolutionary and fantastic series of Call of Duty. However, Call of Duty is notorious for several bugs and issues including packet loss error, DIVER error code, and much more. Recently, many players are suffering from an annoying “Connection Failed” error code. And once this error code appears, players are not able to access the game at all. There are several factors responsible for this problem to occur. Well – Worry not and try out the following steps one-by-one to fix the “Connection failed” error in Warzone.

Fixing Connection Failed Error in Warzone

As its name suggests, when the connection failed error appears, players are not able to connect with the main servers of the game and so the game becomes unplayable. Common reasons for this error to happen includes server-side issues and increased traffic. It can also appear due to a busy network, poor internet connection, or some issues with your internet router. Thankfully, there are certain things you can try to fix the connection failed error in Warzone.

1. First of all, make sure Warzone servers are running fine and there are no issues on devs’ end. If you find any problem with the main server, then wait for some time. The “Connection failed” error will be fixed automatically once the servers are back online. On the other hand, if the servers are running fine and there are no issues but if you are still receiving the same error, try the next solution.

2. The next best and quick solution is to simply restart your computer system as well as console and then relaunch the game.

3. Also, make sure you don’t have any pending updates for the device as well as the game.

4. Next try to switch your internet connection. That means, if you are using a WiFi connection, then try to connect the game using a wired connection. 

5. Besides, also try to restart your internet router and try to minimize traffic on the network as much as possible. For that, you can close any unwanted software, downloads, or apps running in the background on any of your devices.

6. Some users have also fixed the connection failed error in Warzone by clearing up the Battle.net cache. Also, try to create a new Battle.net account and see if the issue is solved or not.

7. If nothing works, then the last resort is to uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it. Alternatively, you can also try to contact the Activision Support team for additional help.

That’s all we have to fix the connection failed error in Warzone.

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