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GTA Online Loading Black Screen When Trying to Enter the Agency Building – Is There a Solution?

GTA Online Loading Black Screen When Trying to Enter the Agency Building – Is There a Solution

GTA Online is one of the popular games that have many perfect ratings from players and critics as well. You can play this game for free with up to 30 players at a time. However, many reports are coming in where players are having the infinite black loading screen when attempting to enter into the Agency Building while playing the game. Many players have tried several workarounds to fix this issue but they failed.

In this guide, we will learn what is the exact issue and can you fix GTA Online infinite loading black screen when trying to enter into the Agency Building?

According to multiple reports, many players are complaining, whenever they enter into any Agency Building in GTA online, their game goes in the infinite black loading screen suddenly. And so, they need to start the game all over again which is very frustrating. But even after restarting the game as well as the system, the issue appears again. And so many players wondering, is there any solution to resolve this major issue?

Well, the same issue is occurring to many players around the world for the last few weeks and it is quite unfortunate, the developers of this game Rockstar Games have not yet acknowledged this bug. So, you cannot solve this problem right now. We only have to wait for the next patch/update from the developers.

On the other hand, some players have also noticed, the game goes into the infinite black loading screen whenever they try to join into a lobby that has over 15 players at a time. So, this is a really serious problem and hopefully, the developer will find out its solid fix soon.

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