Fortnite Wu-Tang Banner Not Displaying or Showing in Inventory – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

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Fortnite is certainly entertaining and has markedly improved since its release in July 2017. However, several issues and glitches are not uncommon in Fortnite and its latest Chapter 3 is also not immune to them.

Of course, the devs update the game often and release new content including a map, weapons, and cosmetics. Every new update brings new issues and glitches such as the game not launching or opening and crew legacy set items not unlocking.

Recently, many Fortnite players are reporting a new issue where the Wu-Tang banner is not displaying or showing in the inventory. If you have no idea about this banner, Wu-Tang represents Back Bling with the Outfit and the Triumphant Tagger Pickaxe.

This new Wu-Tang cosmetics arrived in Fortnite on 23rd April 2022 but many players are complaining, that it is not showing in their inventory. Some players have already tried some generic workarounds that include restarting the game several times but the issue is not resolved.

Unfortunately, the developer team has not yet acknowledged this issue. But since this issue is widespread, developers will surely come out and find out the root cause of this problem.

That’s all we have an update on the Fortnite Wu-Tang banner not displaying or showing in inventory.

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