Fortnite Wins Not Updating or Counting in Career Tab – Epic Games Acknowledges

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Fortnite is the well-known and widely played battle royale game released in 2017 but, a ton of issues, bugs, and errors have come and gone in Fortnite since its release. It seems, a recent update has brought several issues such as Low Mesh setting not working, FPS drop issues, and more. Such issues ruin the overall experience of the game.

Many players are reporting, their wins counting is not updated or considered in the Career tab in Fortnite. And the same issue occurs in both “Squad Matches and “Solo Matches”. It seems, such an issue has started occurring especially after the new ‘no-build” mode.

It is important to note, this issue is not new as it happened in 2019 as well so this bug appears now and then.

Thankfully, Epic Games is aware of this issue and they said on their official Twitter page that they are working on it.

As you can read in the above link, they are already working on the fix and will update once resolved. However, the ETA is not given but hopefully, we will have its hotfix in the upcoming days.

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