Fortnite Servers Go Offline: Millions of Players are Waiting in Queue

Fortnite Servers Go Offline Millions of Players are Waiting in Queue

It is really tough to beat the Fortnite battle royale game. This game is popular worldwide for its approachable gameplay modes, zany and bright graphics, a huge player base, and a brilliant construction system. However, this massive game is experiencing some server-related issues currently.

Players are standing in a long never-ending queue to get into the game but they fail to log on because the game servers are down. It seems the gaming servers are completely offline.

This issue started just a couple of hours back. Unfortunately, Epic Games has not yet acknowledged this problem. This outage happened around 4 PM (GMT), leaving fans in long queues and stuck. All the services of Fortnite are affected including parties, login, messaging, friends item shop, and matchmaking. However, the official website, stats, Fortnite Crew, and voice chat are still operational.

Many affected players around the world have no idea what to do. Well, we must say, you can’t do anything in this case since the game’s servers are offline/down. You can only wait until the services resume.

Since this issue is widespread, the server will be back on track very soon.

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