Fortnite Quadcrasher Unable to Control While Flying – Issue Acknowledged

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Fortnite is a popular online battle royal game and this game has recently released an update v19.10 but some players are not happy with this latest update. 

One of the unique and interesting things about Fortnite is its Quadcrasher ATV vehicle system. If you have no idea about this vehicle, Quadcrasher is an ATV vehicle in Battle Royal and two players can seat inside this vehicle and builds up a boost. Using the Quadcrasher, players can smash almost anything. But recently, many players are complaining, that they are unable to move Quadcrasher because of some glitch.

According to various reports, when the players try to use the movement keys at the time of flying using a Quadcrasher, they are not able to control their vehicle.

Many players have shared their experience on Reddit and said – Their Quadcrasher goes to max gravity suddenly and it goes straight into the ground for no reason.

Seemingly, this issue started especially after the Fortnite v19.10 update and affected players are wondering if they have no idea why does it happen? New updates and patches are meant to fix several issues and bugs but it seems, this new update has brought many other new issues such as wins not updating or counting in career tab, the Wu-Tang banner not showing or displaying, and many other issues.

Fortunately, Epic Games is well aware of this bug where players can’t control Quadcrasher. The company has acknowledged this issue on its official Trello board.

As you can see in the above report, they are working on this ongoing issue, and hopefully, we will have its solution shortly.

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