Fortnite Nintendo Switch Players Seeing Low-Resolution Texture and Cosmetics

Fortnite Low Resolution on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is not the most powerful of the three popular consoles, but it doesn’t have to be. Switch has its own market and dedicated developers that launch custom games for the platform. Recently, a lot of PC and Console games have launched on Switch including Fortnite in 2018 and Apex Legends more recently. Both games have their problems. Recently, a lot of Nintendo Switch users started complaining about low texture and cosmetics resolution in the game.

While there were always complains of the Fortnite’s Switch ports resolutions, things got worse when Epic Games recently introduced an update for the game that made things even worst. Quite opposite of what was intended.

The low resolution mostly affects the skins in the locker room and when you start the game, everything appears fine. Even through it isn’t a game breaking bug, the appearance of the skins in the locker room look real awful.

Fortnite is a big money-maker for Epic and they are quick to address any issues with the game. Soon after the issue stated getting reported on Twitter there was an official tweet from the developers acknowledging the issue.

The solution that’s suggested on the Tweet was to fully reboot the game. While the fix is not a hundred percent working, it did help some users.

Have you encountered the low resolutions and missing textures issues with Fortnite on Switch? Did the fix suggested by Epic work? Let us know in the comments.  

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