Fortnite Mobile 45 and 90 FPS Settings Missing After Hotfix – Issue Acknowledged

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Accessible gameplay and fast-paced actions are some of the reasons why Fortnite is one of the most popular games around the world. Like PUBG and other competitive mobile titles, Fortnite is also free to download and play this game on your mobile device. But, like other popular games, it has plenty of issues and bugs.

Recently, Fortnite Mobile has released a hotfix but after that many players have noticed that the 45 FPS and 90 FPS options are missing from the in-game’s graphical settings. And because of this problem, players are experiencing several performance-related issues in heavy FPS drops while playing matches.

FPS (Frames Per Second) plays an important role if you want a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. When you set FPS high, the game is possibly more enjoyable. But because of this issue, many players are running into several performance-related issues in Fortnite Mobile.

Thankfully, Epic Games has said something about the ongoing performance-related issues. They say this issue happens due to some Fortnite Mobile compatibility clashes with the latest GPU drivers on multiple gaming devices.

They added, we are actively working with our partners and will provide an update when one is available. However, they have not yet revealed ETA for the fix.

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