Fortnite Cloud Download Failure Error Resets Settings to Default – Issue Acknowledged

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Today, Fortnite is one of the popular battle royal games by Epic Games. Thanks to its approachable gameplay modes, outstanding construction system, bright graphics, and a super huge player base, today millions of players play and enjoy this game on a daily basis.

In addition, Epic Games has announced that they will add Unreal Engine 5 Editor to the title after a few months. But, like other popular games, Fortnite also has several bugs and glitches such as Easy Anti Cheat error (EAC) for Chapter 3 Season 2, the controller starts vibrating after leaving the boat, and many others.

Now, many players are complaining that they are receiving a “Cloud Download Failure” error. The exact error message says – “Cloud Download Failure, failed to download client settings from the cloud’.

Many players have already tried some workarounds that include reinstalling the game and re-logging into their Epic Games but nothing helped.

Thankfully, the developer team has recently acknowledged this problem where many players are receiving a “Cloud Download Failure” error message. But they have not yet given an ETA but hopefully, they will release a patch fixing this issue as early as possible.

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