Fix Xbox Error “The person who bought this needs to sign in”

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Today, Xbox has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world of gaming consoles. Xbox is created and owned by Microsoft and millions of players around the world enjoy incredible games online, browse the internet, and watch streamed content. Unfortunately, many users are experiencing several bugs and glitches now and then. Recently, many players are getting “The person who bought this needs to sign in” error message and they are wondering, how to fix it. If you also have the same issue, there are a few methods you can try to get rid of this error message.

Fixing Xbox Error “The person who bought this needs to sign in”

The meaning of this particular error message is that you are attempting to open the game on your Xbox console but you have not signed with the correct profile or have no internet access.

This happens mostly when you share a game with your family member or friend’s Xbox console. If you are trying to play the game on your Xbox which is not set to your home console and attempt to play the game without the internet connection, you won’t be able to access the game. If another account is set up as a console account, you can play their games offline at any time, even if you can play it offline.

Check the Current Xbox Server Status

One of the first things you should do is to check the current Xbox server status. In case it is down due to any reason, you can’t do anything to get it fixed. In that case, wait until the servers are back online and the issue will get resolved automatically. 

On the other hand, if the servers are running fine, if you are still running into the error “The person who bought this needs to sign in” on your Xbox, then try the below workarounds.

Reset Your Internet Connection & Console

We recommend making sure your internet connection is working fine and stable. In addition, you can also try to reset your internet router as well as console. To reset the console, hold down the power button on your Xbox for about 15-20 seconds. Wait next 30-40 seconds and then turn it on. When it is turned on, ensure to check your internet settings. They must be set correctly.

Set Up Your Home Xbox

In case you’ve your console which is set to some other user’s account’s Home Xbox, you can still access the game you have purchased by making it your Home Xbox. 

However, it is important to note, that you can do this only a few times in one year. To do this, first of all, open the Settings, go to General>> Personalization and then click on My home Xbox. If you find the box is not checked, select it and confirm.

That’s it – These are the only things you can do to fix “The person who bought this needs to sign in”.Also check – How to fix Apex Legends audio bug on Xbox.

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