Fix Warzone Pacific Freezing and Crashing on Xbox

Fix Warzone Pacific Freezing and Crashing on Xbox

Warzone Pacific arrives with a whole new map called Caldera. With this new update, players also enjoy all of Vanguard’s weapons. However, this new update brings several issues and bugs. Earlier players complained, their game freezes and crashes on PS5 and now Xbox users are experiencing the same issues on their consoles. Xbox users are saying, they are taken to the dashboard or home screen whenever the game crashes or freezes and so, they have to start the game all over again which is really frustrating. Well, there are some workarounds you can try to fix Warzone Pacific freezing and crashing on Xbox.

How to Fix Warzone Pacific Freezing and Crashing on Xbox

Raven Software, the developer of Warzone Pacific, is already aware of this issue where players are not able to connect to the game if they do not have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The devs have stated on their Trello board, this issue has been triggering since 16th December and they are already working on it to fix this problem. Meanwhile, you can try the following possible workarounds to fix the Warzone Pacific freezing and crashing issue on Xbox.

1. Many players say, they can fix this issue by subscribing to Xbox Live Gold or getting the Game Pass

2. Another best solution is to clear up the local save data and reboot the console

3. If the Nvidia low latency setting causes the crashing issue, then you need to disable the toggle and you will be able to play the game flawlessly

If nothing works, don’t worry! As we have already mentioned, the developer team is already working on it so, they will release the update/patch to fix this issue.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Warzone Pacific freezing and crashing on Xbox. Also learn – How to fix Warzone Pacific dev error 6039.

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