Fix Warzone Pacific Dev Error 6039

Fix Warzone Pacific Dev Error 6039

A new update in CoD: Warzone Pacific is live now and it has introduced several weapons balancing changes and Vanguard guns. While this new update has fixed many issues in the game, many players are now seeing a new error 6039. After downloading this new update, many Xbox One, PC, and PS4 users see Dev Error 6039. Although the Call of Duty team has not yet posted any solution to fix this problem, some Reddit users have suggested several solutions. If you are also having this error, here is how you can fix Warzone Pacific Dev error 6039.

How to Fix Warzone Pacific Dev Error 6039 

This error is mainly caused by game data that is missing, illegible, or corrupted, and sometimes, it happens due to poor network connection. Although the real reason is untraceable, here we are going to discuss several solutions suggested by players on Reddit.

1. Update the game: Ensure to update your game with the latest version.

2. Reboot the system: Close the game completely and then shut down the PC or console. And then turn it on again and try to play the game. If that doesn’t work, then try the next solution.

3. Reinstall Warzone: In case the above solutions don’t work, then to fix Warzone Pacific dev error 6039, you need to reinstall the entire game. Yes, it is a big download but the issue should be resolved once you download the game again. 

4. Contact the Activision support team: Your last resort is to take help from the Activision support team. You can elaborate on the whole issue and they will surely help you to fix Warzone Pacific dev error 6039 as quickly as possible.

For PS4 Users:

If you are a PS4 user, this is how you can fix Warzone Pacific dev error 6039.

– Disable all overlays and make sure to update your graphics card drivers

– Update the Windows 10 to 1909 version or later

– Make sure you have the drivers that support m.2 SSD and NVme

– Download the latest network or audio drivers from the official manufacturer’s site

– Do not use any other antivirus

– Disable CCleaner as it is not trusted now. Install disc cleaner instead

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Warzone Pacific dev error 6039.

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