Call of Duty: Vanguard

Fix Vanguard Server Snapshot Error

Fix Vanguard Server Snapshot Error

Call of Duty Vanguard server snapshot error is causing a lot of problem for players. The error abruptly disconnects the game. It’s a serious issue for players as it seems to hit most when you are doing well in the game and you lose all progress and rewards as a result of the error. While the error started with the launch of the game, it’s becoming more persistent as its occurrence is becoming widespread.

The server snapshot error does not prevent the player from joining the game as you can usually join another match after the error, but the repeated occurrence of the error is making the all the grinding futile.

While there is nothing you can do to fix the error, you may be able to avoid it. We have observed that the error occurs most when executing killstreaks. If you manage of kill multiple enemies at a time, there is a high chance you will get the error. While the error occurs more when using killstreaks, it can also occur in other scenarios. We are making a guess here, but the main fault may be with the anti-cheat that falsely detects gameplay manipulation and kicks the player out of the game. As there is little information from Activision about the error, we can only make assumptions at this point.

Vanguard Server Snapshot error also seems to occur most when you have managed a great k/d or are doing really well in the game, killing one enemy after the other.

Another scenario when the error occurs the most is when you are on Big Map Blitz modes and call in consecutive killstreaks. Whereas, some websites think that the error may be a result of a server glitch.

At the moment, the only fix for the issue is to identify the exact cause of the error which can vary from one user to the other. The only way to do it is to get the error multiple times. When you have identified the cause of the error or the likely scenario, try to avoid it to fix the error. There was a recent patch for the game, but it seems to have not done anything to resolve the error.

We will keep this post updated as we gather more info about the error. We have contacted support and awaiting reply for the cause of the error.    

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