Fix Valorant Voice Chat Not Working Error

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Valorant is the popular 5v5 first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. Communication is one of the crucial parts of such a competitive game when you are attempting to win. Many times, the games feature command systems like text chat or voice chat but sometimes, you will experience problems using them. Recently, many players are running into an issue where voice chat is not working while playing Valorant. Have you noticed that the voice chat function is not working at all in Valorant? Here is a quick and simple guide to fixing the issue so that you can start enjoying your competitive matches with your friends.

Fixing Valorant Voice Chat Not Working Error

Recently, many players are experiencing an audio issue while playing Valorant and there are two main reasons for this error to happen. If you have changed any in-game settings or the problem might be related to your PC settings or any hardware-related issues. Well, go through the following steps to get rid of Valorant voice chat not working error.

1. First of all, you need to check out the in-game settings. For this, click on the Cog icon in the main menu of the game. From there, go to the “Settings” and find out the Audio settings. Here you need to make sure your Output and Input devices are selected correctly. If you find the default settings, then try to switch to the precise input/output device you wish to use.

2. It is important to note that using the voice commands while playing Valorant, Party Voice Chat and Team Voice Chat must be turned on. Sometimes, it happens that you forget to select the “Push to Talk” option. For this, press the suitable button before you start talking. Also, make sure to check other in-game options.

3. Next, open up your sound console and check if you have not turned off or muted audio devices mistakenly. Besides, check your mic in other applications and see if it works fine without any issues. Here is how you can check input and output devices you are going to use are enabled.

– Click on the Start button.

– Select the Cog Icon (Settings).

– Go to “System”.

– Open up the “Sound” menu.

– Click on “Manage sound devices”.

– Enable devices you want to use.

4. Even after trying these workarounds, if you are still having the same issue, then there are some issues in your hardware. If it is the case, test your headphones or mic on a different computer system to check if it works fine. If that doesn’t work too, then it might be some physical damage and so you need to replace it with the new one.

That’s everything you can do to fix the voice chat not working error in Valorant.

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