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Fix Sims 4 Cottage Living DLC Bonus Pack Content is not available

Fix Sims 4 Cottage Living DLC Bonus Pack Content is Not Available

Sims 4 Cottage Living introduces a new world, premade families, and Henford-on-Bagley. Recently, they have bonus content that includes a Scenic Commuting Bicycle, Bramblewood’s DeLIGHTful tree, and Onward The Adventurous Gnome statue. However, recently, many players on Reddit as well as on other social media platforms have raised the issue is that they are not able to access Sims 4 Cottage Living DLC Bonus Pack Content. However, the EA support team has given reasons for this error to happen such as the players have bought the pack from the Original app or the retailer may not be genuine, and so on.

Now, let’s check out, is there is a fix to this problem.

How to Fix Sims 4 Cottage Living DLC Bonus Pack Content is Not Available

If you’re wondering if there is a fix for this issue, we must say that Yes! There is a solution. Several players have approached EA Support with Live Chat and they have finally got the solution and received the bonus content for themselves.

The support team will ask players to provide a receipt of the purchase from the store and they will process it within a few hours. However, several players have also raised complained that they did not get any help from the EA support team. Well, you should try to contact them. If you’re lucky enough, you will surely get your Bonus Pack Content in a few hours.

However, the developer of this game is already working on this issue, and hopefully, we will have its permanent solution in the coming weeks. We recommend, if you’re suffering from this issue, wait for some days for the permanent solution by the developer because this is caused by some internal issues. And so, players cannot do much about it.

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