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Fix Sea of Thieves Purchase Failed Ship Error

Fix Sea of Thieves Purchase Failed Ship Error

Sea of Thieves is one of the popular multiplayer games which was released back in 2018 for Xbox and Windows. Also, the game was released for Xbox Series X|S in November 2020. While many players are attempting to access the game at the same time, some issues and glitches are expected. Recently, many players are reporting that they experienced a ship purchase failed error in Sea of Thieves. When players go to buy a ship, the purchase still happens by taking gold coins from players but that prevents them from obtaining the vessel they want to buy. Is the same thing happening to you? Then here we give you a solution to fix it.

Fixing Sea of Thieves Purchase Failed Ship Error

If you are encountering a purchase failure error in Sea of Thieves, there is only one method you can try to fix the issue. Many players have tried this solution and it worked, so even you can give it a try.

To fix the problem, the only thing you can try is to close the running Sea of Thieves app and then try again. You are running into this error because the main server is overloaded currently and usually that happens at the start of the game season.

The particular issue that happens here is that so many players are attempting to buy a ship at the same time and servers become overloaded and so, your purchase process doesn’t go smoothly.

When you close the game’s app and reboot it, the issue resolves itself or you will get your gold return into your account.

Even after trying this, if the issue persists, you can then contact to Sea of the Thieves support team for further assistance.

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