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Fix PGSharp Not Working Issue

Fix PGSharp Not Working Issue

PGSharp is one of the applications on Android devices that lets you change your GPS location when you’re playing Pokemon GO. Using this tool, you can easily control all of your avatar’s movements without moving actually. In addition, it also offers several great features such as joystick support, automatic walk, and custom walking speed. However, many players are reporting, PGSharp app is not working at all. Are you also facing the same issue? Then, go through the following guide where we present you some of the best workarounds to fix the PGSharp not working issue.

How to Fix PGSharp not working issue

By using the PGSharp tool, Pokemon Go players can catch Pokemon without going out of their homes. If you have already downloaded this tool and if it is not working, perform the following steps to get the issue fixed.

1. Check current PGSharp server status

First of all, you should make sure, the PGSharp server is up and running fine. In case, the servers are down due to outage or maintenance, you may get such issues. There are multiple ways to make sure the PGSharp servers are down or not

– Check the official Twitter PGSharp server status page. Their official Twitter handle is @pgsharpSUPPORT

– Visit the Down Detector website

In case the servers are down, the issue will get resolved automatically.

2. Clear up cache memory

If the servers are running smoothly and the app is still not working at all, the next thing you should do is to clear up cache memory. Here are some simple steps to follow:

– Go to Phone’s Settings >> Apps >> Manager Apps >> PGSharp

– Once you find it, tap on it and clear up the Application’s Cache memory

– After clearing up, open up the PGSharp and check if the error remains

3. Reinstall the PGSharp app

If the issue persists, the next best thing you can do is to uninstall the PGSharp app completely and then reinstall it again. Sometimes, reinstalling the game can fix several issues. 

4. Try to use a VPN service

If the services are not available in your region, the app won’t run properly. In that case, you can use a VPN service and check if the app is running fine.

That’s everything you can do to fix the PGSharp app not working issue. Do not miss to check out our next guide: Pokemon Go: How to get the Season of Heritage: XP challenge Timed Research.

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