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Fix NHL 22 Too Dark Ice or HDR Bug

Fix NHL 22 Too Dark Ice or HDR bug

NHL is one of the long-running hockey game series and NHL 22 is its latest instalment. However, like all other massive titles, this game also has several bugs and glitches such as being stuck on syncing screen, the game freezes, and many others. Some of these issues have not been fixed yet by the developers and a new issue comes up. This time, many players are reporting a graphic-related issue. They see too dark ice or lack of proper brightness while playing the game.

According to several reports, the game is behaving weirdly when the players turn on HDR. Players are complaining the image quality is not consistent and the game lacks a proper brightness, gray tones, and dull appearance. Players are comparing NHL 22 with its previous version 21 which had vibrant graphics. However, there is a workaround which you can try to fix NHL 22 too dark ice or HDR bug. This guide covers how to fix NHL 22 too dark ice or HDR bug.

How to Fix NHL 22 Too Dark Ice or HDR Bug

Many players have also noticed changed lighting between zones and so they are not comfortable while playing the game. Well, there is a possible workaround shared by one user which you can try to fix this issue.

– Go to picture settings and take off dynamic tone mapping and the issue should be resolved.

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry and wait for some days until the developers release a new patch fixing this issue.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix NHL 22 too dark ice or HDR bug.

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