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Fix New World Connection Error

Fix New World Connection Error

The Closed Beta version of New World is out and so players now play this new MMO game by Amazon Games Studios. Like every new MMO game launch, New World also has several issues in this Beta version. Many players are complaining that they are not able to connect to the New World game. While launching the game, they get errors like – “Connection Failed – Refreshed Credentials Already Expired” OR sometimes they get ‘Unable to establish a connection with server’ error. If you’re experiencing the same, let us find out several solutions.

How to Fix New World Connection Error

Following we have gathered all the possible solutions to fix New World Connection Error.

1. Make sure your internet connection is working properly

Poor or unstable internet connections can cause such New World Connection errors. So first of all, make sure that your internet connection is working properly and is stable.

2. Launch the game from the correct client

Those players who have started the game with their previous beta versions may get such connection errors. So, make sure you got and applied the New World closed beta with the latest Steam key.

3. Try to play the game in off-peak hours

One of the reasons for this error to happen is that you’re playing this game in peak hours where over 200,000 players play the game at the same time. So, play the game after peak hours.

4. Disable Windows Defender or Antivirus

Sometimes, it happens that your security software blocks the functions of the game. So, one of the best troubleshoots is to disable Windows Defender or Antivirus if they are running on your system and then restart the PC, relaunch the game, and then you won’t see any connection related issues in New World.

That’s it for this guide on How to Fix New World Connection Error.

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