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Fix Monster Hunter Rise PC DLC Packs Missing from Store

Fix Monster Hunter Rise PC DLC Packs Missing from Store

Monster Hunter Rise is released on PC but many players coming from the Nintendo Switch MHR version, are not able to find their favorite DLC bundles on Steam. DLC packs that include makeup looks, pet outfits, armors, and much more, and all of these items are available at discounted rates as part of each bundle.

There is about $200 of MHR DLC available on Steam but currently, players can’t find any bundles to get discounts on them. It seems that happens due to some technical issues. But that is not the case, DLC bundles will start appearing soon on the store. Capcom has explained this situation and said:

We will simultaneously make several paid DLC items available, but it may take some time for all products to show up on the store.

In particular, bundles that include multiple items of paid DLC at a reduced price will only show up on the store once each item in that bundle is available separately on the store. Please keep this in mind when purchasing DLC. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Thus, when the DLC items will be added to the store, you will be able to purchase them. At the moment, you can only buy Deluxe Kit bundle that includes:

– Fish Collar Palico layered armor piece

– Izuchi Tail hairstyle

– Kamurai Hunter layered armor set

– Shuriken Collar Palamute layered armor piece

– Gestures (4 Jumps)

– Kabuki face paint

– Samurai pose set

So, you will have to be patient with some other bundles. Do not miss to keep checking the store page as the new bundles will be added later very soon.

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