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Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Change Reticle

Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Change Reticle

Since its inception, Call of Duty has offered players some incredible customization options. In this game, players can give their weapons as well as characters different types of attractive skins. One of the classic customization options is the Reticle. By using the Reticle feature, you can change the whole appearance with different shapes and colors. However, after the latest season 4 updates, many players are experiencing that they are not able to change Reticle in Modern Warfare. Are you getting the same issue? Let’s find out some fixes here.

How to Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Change Reticle

It is not yet clear what is the exact issue of this error. However, it is disrupting players because they cannot customize their favorite weapons in the game. However, there is a fix which we are going to reveal here.

Go through the following steps to fix Modern Warfare unable to change Reticle.

1. Open Warzone

2.Go to ‘Edit Loadout’

3. Click on the MW Loadout and go to Reticle

4. Save the changes

5. From Gunsmith, save as custom mod

6. Go to multiplayer and make sure to change in Armory

It is important to note that the developer of this game has not yet acknowledged the issue. And so, players have started trying to fix on their own. But, unfortunately, this is the only workaround you should try to fix Modern Warfare unable to change reticle. 

Hopefully, Activision will release the update with the permanent solution so that the players can enjoy this game to the fullest without any interruption.

We will surely update you guys if we will have any news regarding the solution shared by Activision.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Change Reticle.

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