MLB The Show 22

Fix MLB The Show 22 Network Error Unhandled Server Exception Issue

MLB the Show 22

The MLB The Show remains the best baseball simulation out there and The Show 22 is perhaps the most notable leap of the series. However, this game also has several issues and bugs such as mini season glitch or wins as losses, co-op not working issue, and much more. Adding to these issues, network error has been troubling many players since the game was released. The network error comes up with a message like “network error: an unhandled server exception occurred” or “a network error has occurred”. If you have the same issue, there are certain things you can try to fix network error in MLB The Show 22.

Fix MLB The Show 22 Network Error Unhandled Server Exception Issue

Although errors and bugs are expected in all new massive games, this particular issue is more problematic because it doesn’t have a particular guaranteed solution to fix it. Well, worry not and check out this guide to fix network error unhandled server exception issue in MLB The Show 22.

1. Check current server status: In case, the main servers are down, wait until they are back online. Once the services resume, the issue will get resolved automatically. If you have no idea how to check the current server status, refer this guide – How to check if servers are down in MLB The Show 22.

2. The next thing you can do is to simply restart the system. If the issue is in your internet connection, you can also try to restart your internet router once.

3. Check if you don’t have any pending updates on game as well as system. Many times, the developers release a patch soon after a launch of the new game. So, update the game as well as system and check if the issue is resolved or not.

4. Next, check if the date and time is set correctly. If it is incorrect, you may face network error in MLB The Show 22.

5. If you are using WiFi, then try to use a wired connection as it offers more stable and fast connection.

6. Make sure unnecessary apps, downloads, and software are not running on a single network.

7. If nothing works, the last option is to uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it.

That’s all – We have covered all the potential workarounds to fix MLB The Show 22 network error – Unhandled server exception issue.

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